How I do NoteBooking!!

How I do NoteBooking!!

Notebooking is like scrapbooking! I've been doing it my whole life and didn’t know it was called this (gardening notebooks, cooking notebooks, homemaking notebooks, preserving notebooks, etc!

Its gathering all your info you are learning and putting it in a notebook or binder, adding pictures and decorating so it looks good. Your kids can put in anything they want!

Also you can download or make worksheets for the notebooks, online there some great sites!!

Another way to notebook is ask the child what he/she wants to learn, then let the child research all the info they want about the subject and put in a notebook. You can have rules like has to be neat, creative, etc.

Some of the things we put in our notebooks are drawings they make, maps, poems, stories or essays they write, copywork they do, worksheets, timeline stuff, math work, science work, pictures they’ve taken, pamphlets, napkins, etc!

We generally notebook by subject, so we have history notebooks, science notebooks, handwriting notebooks, etc.

They are fun to make, and helps lighten up things when you’ve just got done with a hard test, or learning something that you are having a hard time understanding, just take a break and do some work on putting one of your notebooks together .

What we use to notebook
3 ring binder, we use the 1 inch for each subject or whatever is available!
When I buy them I get the ones with the clear plastic front so the kids can slide a decorated page into it, (and you can always reuse the notebook for something else)
Any color, usually we get them at Wal-Mart, or thrift stores
I also buy those clear sheet holders (page protectors) if I can find them cheap (Wal-Mart again)
Scrapbook pages
Pencils, pens, markers, crayons, paint
Paper punch
Hard stock works well
Lined paper
These things aren’t all necessary, just nice to have! Sometimes I've just used plain note books not binders and we glued everything to the pages already there!


joelle said...

I absolutely love your blog. I started following it a few days ago but only got a chance to go through it tonight and what a wealth of information! All the best for this coming year and thanks for sharing all of this with us.

Susan Evans said...

I plan to do notebooking with my children for the first time this fall. I'm really excited about it. I would like to see some pictures of some fun notebooking pages your children have done. (That would make a good blog post!)