Teaching preschool, kindergarten and younger!

Teaching preschool, kindergarten and younger!

You don’t have to buy a curriculum to teach your preschool-kindergartners, use what you have at home
There’s letter of the week, and there’s starfall.com

You can read to them, teach them songs, dance with them, play, read poems to them, teach and show them that learning is fun!! enjoyable!

Do arts and crafts with them (I did this with my kids at 4 and 5 they learned so much, and that’s all we did! Read and arts and crafts!)
I buy this at ikea
Handwriting- let the kids paint on large paper, paint pictures, color, draw large letters of theirs names and let them paint them! Let them use a stick and write in the dirt, in the sand, etc
Phonics- (if they are ready, don’t force them!) do the sites above, refrig magnets letter on a metal cookie sheet, teach her the sounds of her name if it’s easy! Using index cards start with simple letters, write d on one card a on another and d on another one, m, o, same way! Just simple stuff at first, put ABC's on the wall, when the kids learn a sound look for items in the house that start with it,etc but make sure they want to learn to read and don’t force it. When they read their first word make a big deal out of it! Be encouraging!

math- count bugs, buttons, silverware, socks, rocks, let them see that each item has a number(that will help the kids later in math)  Show subtraction  by gathering 2 rocks and take 1 away and now there’s 1 left! simple things, put numbers on the wall, colors,  as they start to learn counting, gather items together found in house or outside and let them count them.
Science- nature walks(even if you don’t have a yard, take a walk on the sidewalk)!! bring a drawing pad, and crayons, look for bugs, animals leaves, rocks to draw and talk about , and when you get home look them up on Internet and check out some library books, let the kids dig holes, teach them to feed your animal, look for birds, watch the clouds, look at the stars at night,

Map of the hood!
History- talk about your family with the kids, draw them a simple map of where you live, then follow it by walking!

well those are some ideas that I did with my kids, and it didn’t cost hardly anything, so you don’t need a curriculum to teach your kids!

All the above only takes about an hour or 2 a day and that’s all they need, since its                                                                        one on one!

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