How to Tell if Your Child is Ready to Read!

If you are in tune to your child you will be able to tell when he/she is ready to learn how to read. They have different ways of letting us know when the time comes.
1. Some of the kids learn the favorite books we read to them by heart and like to sit pretending to read them.
2.Some children ask us about words or letters. Whats that word say or whats that letter or how do you make that letter.
3.To see if the child is ready teach him/her to write or pronounce one or more sounds. Does he/she want to learn , seem interested in learning them? or does the child resist?

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RainbowRivers said...

Love the periodic table at the bottom of your blog!
My daughter is ready to read but I think I really need to get her tested for dyslexia, if she is writing and you tell her how to spell something she can write it no prob but if you write it and put it in front of her she mixes everything up, such as start with Y for Daddy and spell it more like YbbaD frustrating, I have never dealt with this before but it does run on her daddy's side.It is making learning to read a slow process!