Some ideas I use for the younger kids when I'm homeschooling the olders ones

Some ideas we use for the younger kids

1. using giant piece of cardboard or poster board, draw roads for there little cars, can draw in mountains, trees , people and houses. Mine would play for hours with this.
2.stencils, my younger kids would love to put stencils on rolls of newsprint (big paper we would get from the newspaper)then they would color them in. we did themes sometimes, using the little dover stencils, I used them for wrapping paper.
3. Using colored chalk on black or dark colored construction paper was always fun.
4.also using chalk on a side walk, or basketball court,
5. lacing with buttons, using these for learning how to count was fun also, and sorting them into different colors.
6. catching a bug in a jar and letting the child watch the bug, close up!
7. also stringing fruit loops cereal.
8. playing balloon ball with balloons
9. trying to jump rope
10. laying a large piece of paper on the floor, and letting kids color on it.
11. laying the child on a long piece of newprint and drawing there body, then let them finish!

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