Teaching A Young Child

this is what i did with my kids when they were young and just starting to do some academic learning, its funny but it was just everyday stuff that went right along with chores, cooking, living!

i started oldest daughter when she was around 4 with some academics so our subjects we did(i guess you could say) were phonics, reading, handwriting, math, bible, science, music lots of art, play!

I bought a lesson plan booklet, (sometimes I use just notebooks also,)In my lesson plan booklet it has blank squares, so I labeled the top of the squares with the subjectsOn The side I put the days of the week( i needed to do this because i would forget what i wanted to do, so i write every thing down! but if we didnt get to it that day, that was fine theres always tomorrow.

Alot of the time the kids would just start doing something like looking at the globe or map on the wall and start asking questions so we'd be doing geograpy for a while! well one thing is out of geography you can teach all the school subjects!

well anyway heres a sample of what we would do dailyMonday(We started at 9am usually, after breakfast and morning chores)
Phonics- practice 3 letter sounds ab and cI will write each one on a recipe card so she can see them individuallyPractice the sounds of the 3 letters with herLet her form words if she canUse each letter and look around the room to see if we can find something that begins with that letter(I write it down in my notebook)Let her trace the letters with her fingers, (if there was steam on windows I would have her form them on her own on the window.) a chalk board works good also!

Reading- ( I made little booklets up with words and latter senctences for her to read using recipe cards.)Read the words or the sentences,I would also read her a short story and let her follow along with meThen we would read the little booklet again(sometimes throughout the day she would go over and over that booklet!)Ask her to tell me what the story was about and she'd tell someone else what she read just to anchor it in her mind. that seems to help them remember.

Handwriting-Teach her to write bou’(I wrote it on a large piece of paper so she could trace it,)On same paper have her write her name with crayons, doesn’t have to have lines, I just let her be creative about it.She would draw a picture using her name(usually she just wrote her name a bunch of different ways!)Also on large paper with her name I would have her write the letters we learned in phonics abc, separately and in words( when all the kids were older i taught them the italic method of writing)

Math-(I made up math problems for her)Count from 1 to ?How many fingers and toes ?How many pennieshow many rocks or bugs or...........................How many pieces of candy are here? And when I take 2 away now how many are left(Stuff like that) (if you want to use a math book rod and staff have some great ones that teach the same way.)

Bible-She would learn to memorize a bible verse a week, kids this age are very good at this, I would give her a prize at the end of the week.(on Friday )

Art-She’d do some kinda craft or drawing, whatever she wanted to. Sometimes I’d have certain things but others I just let her do what she wanted.

Science- run around out side looking for bugs, plants, digging in the dirt for worms for dh, picking berries, feeding the animals, collecting eggs, planting the garden, etc

music- we'd learn songs, the other kids all had an instument they learned, we only did practise for about 5 min. at a time. its worked! they can all play piano, guitar, manolin and violin.

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