This is How I write a Unit Study!!

This is How I write a Unit Study!!
Ive done these for years, even when they weren't so popular!
so if you like to do research making units are very fun!!
I generally make all mine in the summer, since we don’t do any school stuff then.!!
I use internet, library, make up worksheets, video, tapes etc.

I always do a time line so kids can place what we are doing on it.
Keeps it straight in there minds and mine! You can do plays, tape books and put sound effects on the tape, about each subject you do.

Lets see, how bout one on turtles,
find info on turtles from lib., internet etc. like how many different types of turtle there are, you can make up little booklets with activities for the kids to do just staple all the pages together.

We always kept a notebook on our units of what we drew, made, wrote, etc. .
(spelling and vocab.) use Words having to do with turtles, take the words out of what you are teaching,
(writing) the kids can write stories, poems, jokes, about turtles, they can research certain turtles.
For (English or lang. arts) I just used workbook,
(history and science) tell the history of a few turtles, what they were used for, where they originated, how they hatch, how long they live, etc. what Indians used them for, what medicinal qualities they have, how are they used for food, buy a turtle and keep as a pet, how to take care of a turtle, what they eat. Watch some videos about turtles,
(art) make posters of different ones, draw pictures to put in there notebooks, turtle crafts(reading) they can read books about turtles and tell someone about what they’ve read, (keeps it in there brains!) write a book report, read to younger brother or sister about turtles.
(math) depending on how old kids are, little ones you can make up worksheets on counting turtles, find some turtle manipulatives, turtle pencils, etc or just use a regular math workbook or book.

Well this is just a few ideas and the way that I do my units. You can add as much and as little as you like. As my kids got older I had them make up unit studies to teach each other.

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