Teaching young children math

Teaching young children math

Step 1

The best way to begin teaching a young child math is with manipulative, such as bugs, rocks, pennies, marbles, m & ms, socks, any objects you can count with. It can be taught anytime throughout your day, when your doing laundry, putting socks together, counting them, setting the table, counting the silverware, glasses, plates etc.

Remember to make it fun for you and the child!!

Using manipulative like this, the kids can then figure out some very hard problems! Just holding and seeing the objects clicks in their young brains. When most kids are young they don’t think of a math problem as we do 1+3=4 , they need something more hands on so they can touch it and feel it to understand its value, once they learn this way of doing math the other steps wont be as hard.

This is the first step of how other types of math will be understood.After the child gets use to using the manipulative she/he will be able to picture the things in their head, he/she will be able to see them and work out the easier problems.

When he/she is ready to move on to the next step, you’ll know because the child will not be using the manipulative as much, she/he will start picturing the problem in her head, finding a faster way to figure math problems out!!! Then it’s on to step 2!!!



joie said...

Debbie, your blog is FABULOUS! I've been homeschooling my 12 yo since the beginning. He and my 10 yo learned a LOT together - history, science... my little guy came along 5.5 years after my middle guy, so he's kind of on his own. I feel like I'm learning how to teach all over again! So your blog info on teaching the little ones is really helpful to me! It's funny, your blog layout is set up like mine!! I'm sorry, I haven't even looked at your 'about me' page yet here or on THL; so I don't know much about you. I'll do that now! I'm really not as flakey as I seem right now!!! (ok, maybe I am!) ;o) blessings, joie

Trinity Mommy said...

I LOVE this description of math! My five year old enjoys sitting in on his sisters learning because he likes to measure, build and play with all the manipulative!