Some Visual Learners!!!!

Now this is how some visual learners learn! We usually have more than one way of learning in us, but some of us have more of one way!! does that make sense!? I came by this from teaching kids, reading and myself!!! This is just a few ideas.

Visual Learner-
Means the child will learn through watching. They try to visualize words. They don’t care for sitting and listening to someone talk for long periods of time! They (we, haha) seem to forget names but remember faces, and can see likenesses in faces; they like to meet people face to face. Some visual learners when reading or listening like to pause and imagine what a story is telling.

They like descriptive writings, they love maps! And charts! They like to dream! Watch movies! They like to draw and use colors, watch demonstrations, look at posters! When learning how to do something new they look at both the directions and the picture, they like to doodle while listening to lectures or on the phone! They can remember better what they see, than by listening. Remember visual learners rely most of the time, on their sense of sight to take in information, understand it, and remember it.

As long as they can "see" it, they can understand it. Most have a good sense of direction.
Most Visual learners seem to be creative, dramatic, artistic, musical, good with their hands, good at building things, solving puzzles, and solving problems.

Sample of vocations for the visual learners: visual art, architecture, photography, video or film, design, planning (especially strategic), and navigation.

They like computer graphics, online games!!
If they have to listen to a lecture have them take lots of notes and then recopy them,
Let them use highlighters, colored pens on papers and books,
Fancy fonts they like
Using hands on teaching will help the visual learner better than just telling them.
When its time to study they like to do it in a quiet place, no interruptions!
For these children, remembering how letters and sounds fit together to make up a word can be challenging
Visual learners need to see the whole goal before the can start.
They learn best by seeing relationships between things, rather than facts alone

Language arts
Use workbooks
Board games
Books with color and pictures

While you are reading to the visual learner give him/her pencils and paper to draw along while you read.
They like to read silently
They prefer written directions,
Studying independently

Keeping a journal
Make lists
Have them keep a planner and write down what they have to do for school in it and cross it off as the finish.

It is important for visual learners to see the whole word as a picture first, and then it is easier to remember how those letters and sounds fit together to make up that whole word-picture.
If you are teaching reading with flashcards, each card should have a word that represents something that the learner can see. It’s easier for a child to see an 'apple' than to see and remember the word 'that'. Say the word so that the child hears very clearly how the word should sound.
For phonics use picture cards
Reading rocks for the visual learner-
Use lots of color for the visual learner, they love it!
Spelling and vocab
To help with spelling they should look at the word, look away, then to visualize the word in their head, and write it down.
Showing them spelling words on paper will help them learn.
Practice writing the words
Use flash cards for vocab also
Teach them to spell by picturing words in their heads

History and Science
Movies videos
Field trips
Coloring pages
Books with lots of pictures
Diagrams, charts maps,

Teach math by writing the problems on paper or make some flashcards, so they can memorize them and write them down.
It’s been suggested that visual learners like Singapore math
Using an abacus is helpful

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Rainbow Rivers said...

Great Article Deb! I have to use many of these techniques with my little visual learner, she will not sit for any reading out of a textbook at all! Everything we do has to be a hands on, or visual project!