More ideas to teach our young kids!!

More ideas to teach our young kids!!
These games and crafts are fun to play with the younger kids and will keep them busy while you teach another child. Of course you’ll have to have some one playing with the child and helping him/her. I have one of the older kids do this if I need to help another child. I used these games and crafts on my kids.

Matching ABC game!
Make a matching alphabet game! Make out of recipe cards, print small case letters and upper case letters on the cards. If you can see through the backs of card just color with a crayon. Now mix up the cards and lay them face down 5 across and 5 down or anyway you want, then have child and you take turns turning over and matching uppercases with lower case letters !! Be sure to have the child say the letters! Give a prize at the end of game!

What letter is in the bag game!!
Fill a bag with different things that start with sounds you want to teach your child. Things like ball, book, pin, doll, car, rock, apple etc. now show the child all the items in the bag, put them back in the bag. Next tell the child to find something in the bag that starts with an A in the bag and ask the child what sound(s) the A makes. Let the child reach in and try to find the Apple by touching it only, not by seeing. ( if the child doesn’t know the sounds tell him/her)

Counting around the house!
Find a bunch of stuff you can put in a bag and count! Like buttons, rocks, pins, pencils, spoons, paper clips, erasers, etc. then let child dump bag out on tray or table and count how many objects of each there is. This is good for younger children especially, helps them put a number with objects.

ABC Bingo!
Make your own bingo cards with construction paper. Write the ABC’s on it like in a bingo game. Use upper case and lower case letter also can mix in numbers! Learn two things in one game! Now to play the game call out the letter or number and the child can put a marker on the letter or number you call. When the child calls out bingo you can give the kids a prize! This also works with states and capitals or times tables.

Tissue paper letters
Using a large poster board draw a letter on the board and let the child tear up tissue paper and decorate the letter. Also can use finger paints to paint a letter on the poster board! Nice and messy!

Counting Book!
This is fun, make a counting book together. Buy one of those blank books at the dollar store or make your own with construction paper stapling the pages together or lacing them. On each page have the child trace or print a number. Now have the child draw that many items on the page! Also fun to find items and glue them on the page. These can be make of material also, just use hot glue. Also if you have a large family you can use pictures of the family to use as objects to glue on the pages! Also can do this with the ABCs!

A B C collage!
Buy a large piece of poster board(1$ at dollar store) and look through magazines, pictures, newspapers, etc for letters that begin with a,b,c,d,etc. make it a month long project! By looking for a letter a day and then paste them on the poster board with the letter under it! Hang it on the wall so everyone can see it. Also works with newsprint.

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