CreativeWriting help!

CreativeWriting help!

1. Talking of making learning fun, here’s a fun thing we like to do for writing(i read this on internet a long time ago)

I have the kids make up a map any shape they want it to be of an island, then I tell put in towns, cities, mountains, rivers, forests, volcanoes, any kind of map features etc. all these will have to have a name. They love using there imaginations on coming up with names!! This idea helps a lot if they don’t have any ideas what they want to write about!
Next they get to decide who lives on the island. It could be people, animals, made up creatures, tribes etc. now (it does help if for the first time you do a sample map with names of places)

Now I have them come up with 1 or 2 main people for the story. (It could be whole family)

Next is how they come to the island, they could be ship wrecked, vacationing, dropped off, visiting the island, or time traveled there! haha that’s how the story can start! And the kids can change it any way they want! They like to go on and on, adding more maps and people!!
This is very creative and fun for the kids and us!!
2. Another creative way we get our imaginations working is: To write out sentence using the ABCs, we can start anywhere in the alphabet but the sentences has to go in alphabetical order
.Example: Put quick runners some through urgently!!
These are so fun!! We read them out loud also!!
3. Now another thing we do is tongue twisters on paper and then read them out loud we laugh so hard!!
4. This is like the 2nd one but we use the whole alphabet to keep writing a sentence, cant stop till we use the whole thing!
5. One other thing we do for creative writing is to go on short walk and find something on the ground we want to write about, it could be anything, from a leaf to a piece of paper!!

well these are simple things but they sure help us get our ideas going! It works for the older kids and the younger kids!! and moms!hahaha


Shawntele said...

I came across your blog link on is always fun to see others who are new to the blog world like myself.
I am sure my kids will enjoy the 'island' idea you posted, thanks for sharing. :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds great. I like this blog. Good ideas!


Rainbow Rivers said...

Great Ideas Deb as usual! Keep up the great blog work!

Cassie said...

Very helpful. Thank you.

Karla Marie said...

Sweet! I love that island idea...we're gonna use it! :D
Thanks for sharing and passing it along.
Karla Marie

Judy said...

We like to do a similar thing with Spelling words! I challenge the kids to see how many of their spelling words they can use in one grammatically correct sentence!
One of my older sons actually used all 20 words once!!!!!!!!!!