Learning Math Facts X + --

What I do to help the kids memorize Math facts

is make it into a game,

i write the facts
(1x2, 2x1, you can do this with subtraction or addition also, etc)
on recipe cards
(i only do 0-3 at first and then add more facts as they need, and take out the easiest ones)
and play a game called concentration.

Its where you take turns turning over the cards to find matches, it works so good!
You can start where the child is, like the older kids i start at 3s or 4s since most of them know the other facts.
Be sure to write the facts 4x2 and 2x4 also 1x8 would be a match. I stack them when i write them out instead of side by side but either way works!
You can play this game with all the kids no matter what age really, even younger ones ( just to be include they learn something)


Rainbow Rivers said...

My kids love to play concentration and it works so well with so many subjects! We use concentration for spanish, sight words, math, spelling words......hmmmm havent used it for science yet but I should!

Judy said...

Fun idea! THANKS!

(Incidentally, thanks for listing MORE FUN IDEAS in your blogroll...I have moved it to here:
in case you'd like to update your list...THANKS!)