Auditory Learners!!

Auditory learners learn the best by listening to what others have to say and by talking to people. Here’s how some auditory learners learn!!! Not all, just some of the ones I've been teaching. Most kids have a mixture of different learning styles, and sometimes there is one style that sticks out more than others.

How does an auditory learner, learn??

Hums or talks to themselves!!
They like to listen to wordless music while learning
They spell most of the time correctly
They can read pretty well
Most are musically inclined
Most of them remember names, and dates
They like to play word gamesLove to do oral reports
Good at grammar
Like to act in plays and such
Notices sound effects in movies
They will sometimes talk while they write so don’t be alarmed!
Their eyes tend to move down and to the right when listening to someone talk
They like to listen to others but are impatient to add their two cents!
They like to talk on the phone
They prefer verbal instruction, good idea to always tell them orally what you require of them
Like to talk to peopleMake up great stories!
Explains things good
Good at foreign languages
Read slowly
Likes to read out loud to themselves
Is not afraid to speak in class
Has a hard time keeping quiet for long periods of time
Like to be in groups with othersVery good at oral exams
They remember things they hear during lectures or conversations with others
Good vocabulary
They can carry on interesting conversations and get their ideas across very clearly
In music they can hear tones, rhythms, and individual notes clearly
They express themselves best by written and oral communication
They do best by working on one task at a time
They like quiet when learning
They don’t care too much for hands on projects
When listening to a speaker sometimes they don’t seem to be paying much attention to the speaker but they are hearing what is being said
Great in class discussions or debates
They enjoy being read to
Enjoy the performing arts
They like to talk lot!!
Their descriptions are usually long and they repeat things over and over!hahaha
They seem to use words in there speech such as ‘listen, tell, and hear’!! (So true!)
They don’t notice new things to quickly!

What they have trouble with

They have trouble learning visually
Might even need to read aloud to understand
They forget faces, but remember names!
Their writing is not always legible
Pictures are something they don’t care for
Games are not a favorite with them
Written down info usually doesn’t mean anything to them unless they read it out loud
They have a hard time when reading passages and answering questions and being timed!
They tend to take poor notes cuz they want to listen!
Let them write there notes down later
Not good at reading silently
Doesn’t usually notice the illustrations in books when reading
Hard for them to keep quiet for prolonged periods, they just gotta get up and talk!!!hahah
It’s hard for auditory learners not to express themselves emotionally
Have poor comprehension when reading silently
Find it difficult following written directions
Does not like reading from the computer, especially when there’s busy backgrounds

What curriculum should you use??

Things with tapes, or DVDs, things with oral assignments, anything that includes groups or learning out loud! Discussions

How to teach some auditory learners

Read instructions out loud with them
They love audio tapes, and watching videos
During a test they should read the question quietly to themselves and speak the answers like they are hearing them out loud, then write it down
Using repetion will help them remember factsRepeating facts aloud with their eyes closed will help

Language arts
Narration, discussions and oral presentations are better for the oral learner then written assignments.

Letting them work with others is very helpful
Repeat verbal instructions and have them write them down
Let them use their finger or a book mark to avoid skipping lines or words when reading
They read dialogues and plays very good
They like to stop and summarize what he/she just read when reading out loud
They like to learn to read with phonics
Also helpful would be to teach reading by using rhyming words
Before having them read a chapter, let them look at all the pictures, and titles. Then try to guess what the chapter is about, and then read out loud if possible, if not try to hear the words as you read them in your head

Verbally review spelling words
Repeating out loud their sentences before writing them when doing a paper or essay is very helpful
Also when writing a paper or essay putting their ideas on tape for the paper (brainstorming) will help
Saying words in syllables helps with spelling

In math they might not see the math signs and get confused with numbers that are alikeBe sure to explain orally the way a problem is to be solved

How to solve a problem
1. look at the problem
2. repeat it out loud
3. close eyes and repeat it out loud
4. write the answer

Read written material out loud
Making up songs or rhymes to go along with what you are teaching helps
Using a video or audio tape to listen to
Plenty of discussions

When using flashcards:
Using flashcards that have the problem on one side and the answer on the other, first read both sides aloud, then close eyes and recite both problem and answer several times aloud, then after doing a few of them this way , turn the over to the problem side and see if they can come up with the answer.


Judy said...

I think I have a couple of auditory learners over here!

Rainbow Rivers said...

I think my daughter is auditory challenged........she does not listen to anyone, anything EVER! LOL Great post!

Momma Snail said...

I just found your blog and I love it! I am following you now and can't wait to see all the great stuff you post.