First Steps in Reading!!

First Steps in reading

Its funny but you dont have to know the names of the letters to lean to read. To read
you just sound out the letters like in c a t. So you dont have to teach the names of
the letters when you are just starting out with reading.
Start out by teaching the child the forms of the letters and the sounds they make!
(one less burden on the child.) A good word to start with is the childs name!
So lets say you childs name is Sam, be sure to print it with the capital S (and the
other letters with the lower case.) Tell the child what the word says 'Sam' .
Let the child trace it with their fingers or a crayon or whatever you want to use.
Have the child look at it, even copy it if he/she is able. (Dont force it.)
If this is the first time you might have to guide the childs hand. Make the sound of
the 'S' as the child is tracing it. and say the name Sam.
A. while child is tracing letter
B. Say the sound of the letter(not the name remember)
C. and say the name out loud to child
when she/he starts recognizing her/his name and can also print it, you can add
more words beginning with that 'S' . After the child starts to recognize the
letter 'S' go on to other words!
Dont worry about using lined paper, just let the child form the letter freely on blank paper.


MrsAlbrecht said...

Great reading tip! Will try this with my son, who is learning to read, this week :)

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog! Two of my 3 kiddos taught themselves to read. You are absolutely right! They don't have to know their letter names to learn to read. My youngest child (now age 8) knew how to read before she knew the names of most of the letters (which totally confused the eye doc when he asked her if she could read but then she couldn't tell him the names of the letters she saw!). I'm headed back to sign up to follow your blog. :D

Marsha Cooper said...

I've enjoyed reading through your posts after clicking over from cafemom. I so miss the children being younger, and so wish I could homeschool my many grandchildren.
Out of 4 children homeschooled, I only have one left at home now, and she is 15.