How I started homeschooling with young kids

When I first started homeschooling this is what we did. Since we couldn't afford to buy any curriculum.
 The kids were 4, 2,1, and baby. I started with my oldest daughter,we did lots of art stuff like:
 gluing, cutting with her own special scissors(she's left handed)

 scribbling on large paper(we bought newspaper ends from the newspaper office in our town, they were very cheap and very large). The younger kids would love scribble on it also with large crayons.

I had over the years collected used and cheap crayons, melted them down and made bigger crayons. This site tells how to do that. All the kids loved scribbling on that large paper!  I would then use the paper to wrap any presents we gave to people.
For my oldest as she got more sure of her coloring, I would draw squares, circles, triangles, rectangles, different shapes, letters, numbers, on the paper and tell her to color them in. More of a controlled coloring. This helped a lot for when she started handwriting.

I made puzzles out of boxes and hard stock paper for them to put together, here's a site that shows how. All the kids liked doing the puzzles but the one year old loved it! I made number puzzles, ABC puzzles, Animal, plant, color, puzzles. Some of the pictures I tore out of magazines or catalogs I would get free at the library.

to be continued!!!! Gotta go wash dishes!hahaha


a49erfangirl said...

You just gave me some more ideas :)

Savannah McQueen said...

Isn't it amazing how we manage to be creative when finances require it? Good post...if you'd like to be interviewed as a home school mother on my site please send me an email -
-Savanna @HammockTracks

Karla @ Ramblin' Roads said...

Thanks for entering my bag-of-books giveaway contest! Good luck!